A day at Mt. Conness

Mt. Conness from the upper lakes.

Last weekend Mike and I did a backcountry route up Mt Conness. At 12,590′, it is the highest peak in Sierra north of Tioga Pass Road (Highway 120), on the eastern boundary of Yosemite National Park. We went up the North Ridge (right skyline) from Saddlebag Lake, a walk that took about 10 hours and involved scrambling and roped climbing. From the top we had a 360-degree view of Yosemite NP, the Mono Lake area and even southeast toward the White Mountains and Owens Valley.

We could have used a little more food, but that made the cheetos, beers and dinner taste all that much better when we got back to Van. A Good Day indeed.
Gaining the ridge from the upper lakes. "It's steep, but at least it's loose and sandy."
"Dramatically exposed climbing on excellent rock," said the guidebook.
4-1/2 pitches of roped climbing after rappelling the tower in the background.
Nearing the summit.
Easy climbing but very glad to be on a rope.
Lunch at the summmit, looking southwest toward Yosemite. Half Dome is visible in the far distance, at center.

3 thoughts on “A day at Mt. Conness

    1. Yes. “Walk” is anything over 2 hours. “Short Walk” is anything under 2 hours. Per the Rosnerd/Hay Outdoor Manual.

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