Old-school apartment

Pathway along the Truckee River, downtown Reno.

After spending a month renting the home of Mike’s graduate-school advisor — and sharing it with a guy who turned out to be rather odd — we moved closer to campus and downtown.

Fifteen minutes of walking along the Truckee (right) brings us to the Silver Peak Brewpub (below), conveniently located between home and school.

Good local beer in downtown Reno.

Campus is a 15-minute bike ride away, as well, so all in all, it’s a pretty sweet location.

decidedly vintage

Regina Marie Apartments were built in 1953. Excluding Boston, this is the oldest place I’ve lived since Mike and I rented Prof. Bill Pruitt’s old cabin in Fairbanks. [Pruitt had helped put an end to Operation Chariot, a government plan to detonate nuclear bombs in the Arctic, and was featured in The Firecracker Boys, a 1994 book by Fairbanks journalist Dan O’Neill.]

We don't know who Regina Marie is, but it's a decent place to live.

The place feels lived-in and comfortable. High ceilings. Plaster walls. Huge closets. Wee kitchen and bath. Pantry. Giant old drafty windows. After years of living in detached houses, cabins, etc., with or without indoor plumbing, it feels different to be in an apartment again. But the place is snug and quiet, and for now, it’s home.

Here is a little slideshow of our humble abode. We have a guest room, if you don’t mind sharing it with various and sundry bits of outdoor gear. Come visit!

p.s. You can stop the show and read any hard-to-read captions by mousing over the slideshow window to bring up the controls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “Old-school apartment

  1. i was totally eyeballing that vintage desk – great score! little scratch cover and it’d look brand-new. am also enjoying the carpet-like substance in the master bedr00m – looks a little like rocks! glad you finally posted some pics, but it reminds me that i never posted pics of my finished rooms. but oh well – you’ll be seeing them in a few weeks anyway!

  2. am also loving the cool desk. definitely look for a sofa to match! looks like good space but not TOO much space. happy decorating!

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