Sun, Skiing, and More Sun

We arrived back in Reno to the aftermath of all those Pacific storms pulling tropical moisture up from Hawaii and cold cold air from the Gulf of Alaska. Unfortunately, we were boldly going where [many] others had gone before. Still, we managed to find some untracked powder here and there, and spent some quality time getting the lay of the land around Lake Tahoe.

Waterhouse Peak, in Luther Pass south of Lake Tahoe. This north-facing slope featured huge firs and cedars that made for some fun descents. We did four big runs that day, starting at 7400' and topping out at 9400'. For people whose previous skinning adventures had been at 2500', this was a lot like work.
We were apparently supposed to watch out for slow snowmachiners.

finding the crowds

The next day we decided to check out Castle Peak, which is in Donner Pass at the northern end of Lake Tahoe.

Where we’d seen no one on Waterhouse Peak the previous day, the Castle Peak area was filled with happy sledders, snowshoers, snowboarders, ski tourers and even a few campers. And many, many tracks. But at least we got to cross under I-80 to get there and pay $5 to park. Ain’t in Turnagain Pass no more!

View of the south side of Castle Peak from Andesite Peak.
Looking west from the summit of Andesite Peak, as you can see from the sign. (or was it a geology lesson?)
Rethinking the whole crossing-under-the-interstate-to-ski thing.

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