Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Son of Van

Our celebratory snack upon return to Reno.

After 291,000 proud miles throughout the Western U.S. and up to Alaska, it was time to begin the retirement process of Mike’s trusty 1993 Ford E-250, a full size cargo van that he’d bought and converted into a little home on wheels.

After doing some homework, we settled on the Sprinter. Made by Mercedes-Benz but with a triple “personality” of Mercedes, Dodge, or Freightliner, depending on the badging, these diesel vans come in a variety of flavors, with varying ceiling heights and wheelbases. From the outside, this one looks like a Dodge — which will be nice for trailheads, where you don’t want your rig to look too fancy-schmancy if you’re going to leave it there for a few days.

He found one slightly longer and taller than Van over in Rocklin, CA, near Sacramento — just 90 miles from Reno — and we decided to buy after a test drive and weekend pondering. This 2006 model has just 96,000 miles (low for a diesel), a 158-inch wheelbase, a 6-foot ceiling, and is 22′ long.

And so a new era begins.

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