Custom Mods for the Sprinter

Van has officially retired. We donated him to a Los Angeles-area public radio station — well, actually an auction company, but if Van is sold at auction KCRW will get some of the proceeds — so we figure that is a dignified way to go. And KCRW rocks.

And we always have the farewell video to watch whenever we feel nostalgic …

Sewing Project 1 complete: loud seat covers! Now our friends want me to make some for them.

We have been working on The Sprinter in the meantime.

We removed its eight seats and plan to keep two for reinstallation in case we want to have passengers.We figure they might appreciate nuances like actual seats, and seat belts. We have also added curtains, carpeting and insulation to the walls and ceiling.

The next project is building a platform for a bed. We will be able to store lots o’ stuff underneath the bed and it will all be secured by doors. Mike will use his mad carpentry skillz to build it all.

Indoor-outdoor carpeting sold by the square foot at Home Depot. We were tempted by the electric blue Astroturf, but refrained.
Removing paneling to add fiberglass insulation so we can be cooler in summer and warmer in winter (but how does it know?). Note new curtains!
Insulation going in, with two of the festive new curtains on display.
We are enjoying having a little garage -- great for messy jobs like cutting and sanding. Mike has his safety flip flops on.
This is one of the shear walls that will go under the bed. The slats are cut to allow gluing and clamping of the bed's legs.

4 thoughts on “Custom Mods for the Sprinter

  1. Those seatcovers are something else. Notice Mike didn’t have OSHA approved flip-flops on while working ?!?!? Can’t wait to see the bed when installed.


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