Canadians in Reno

Desert wildflowers a-bloom in Death Valley. (photo by Patrick)

We had a lovely visit with Patrick Borden and Mark Pypers, both of the great city of Edmonton. They are soil scientists who do consulting work in the Tar Sands of Alberta.

I hadn’t seen Patrick since … 2004? During our graduate-student days at UAF, we’d shared an office, a small windowless cave that he’d christened “The Shock and Awe-Fice” right after the Iraq invasion. The new name made the place seem a lot more homey.

Patrick and me after many years, looking fabulous!

They’d been on the road for a few weeks, starting from Edmonton and traveling down the West Coast visiting friends and having various and sundry adventures in Vancouver, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Joshua Tree National Park, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Lone Pine, and Lake Tahoe.

Patrick, Mike, me and Mark: One of about 5,000,000 pictures taken in front of the famous Sign downtown.

They stayed with us here at the Vintage Digs. We showed them around downtown and even got some spring mountain biking in (before the next storm brought wind, chilly temps and spits of snow).

They are headed Back North to conclude their road trip, reluctantly heading back to late winter. Good times!

How do I do this, again? It'd been a while since I'd ridden trails. Mark and I getting psyched to go uphill (photo by Patrick).
Riding some of the many trails above the Truckee River in West Reno.
Canadian on wheels: Give 'er with the mountain bike, eh!
Wheeee! Fun singletrack in West Reno. (photo by Patrick)
Mark and Patrick ponder the big issues of the day, overlooking Reno: will the U.S. Government shut down? More importantly, will they find any deals at the Patagonia Outlet that's just down the hill?

Bonus: Patrick’s golden idea for yet another Tahoe sticker iteration:

One thought on “Canadians in Reno

  1. nice adventure story – i felt like i was there! well, by ‘there’ i meant, not mountain biking with y’all, but i’d totally be up for the patagonia outlet!

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