Go West, Young Coynes

We recently wrapped up a visit with the lovely Jen (Rosner) Coyne, the witty and supremely talented John Coyne, and the newest little Coyne, 22-month old Ellery Frances. 

Snacks at Donner Summit.

They stayed here at the Vintage Digs and we had fun times checking out Lake Tahoe, the Reno neighborhoods near our place, and Carson City, capital of Nevada.

We had great spring weather the whole time — sunny, temperatures in the 70s and low 80s with light breezes. Their timing was perfect.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip … Enjoy!

The whole fam-damily at Donner Summit, looking east toward Donner Lake and the Carson Range. There is still a lot of snow up at the pass.
Sunny afternoon at Sand Harbor, east shore of Lake Tahoe.
Big boulders to climb on at Sand Harbor.
Famous clear blue Tahoe waters, Sand Harbor.
Mike was jealous of the Elmo shoes.
Pizza slam and secret message.
Frothy foffees for breakfast with the new stovetop steamer!
Checking out the floating wildlife at Idlewild Park near our place.
Downtown tour of vintage motels, looking for missing letters.
Too cool for Carson City.
Running to give testimony at the Nevada Legislature. (not really.)
One of many lovely Victorians in Carson City.
Ellery won the prize for Coolest Shades in Carson City.

One thought on “Go West, Young Coynes

  1. Great pictures–especially Ellery’s sunglasses. Can’t wait to see all these places in July. Glad your weather was so great when you were there.


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