Don’t Look Now, but It’s The Holidays

Chris gets a workout removing the 23-pound bird from the oven, while the just-off-camera dogs hope for a catastrophe.
Who knew chickens liked little hats? This one certainly didn't know she did.

We  kicked off the Holiday 2011 season in style with a visit to Bishop to do some desert walking, wine drinking, and overeating with friends Chris and Todd. The Aussie Patrol of Murph and Bean assisted in the festivities, as did one or two of the chickens.

Lovely afternoon jaunt in the sagebrush near the mouth of Elderberry Canyon, looking east towards Bishop and the White Mountains.
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone's favorite Pilgrims, Murph and Bean.

Mike and I paid the piper the day after Thanksgiving, though, with a 12-mile trail run with Todd and Bean on the outskirts of Bishop. It could have been worse, though — we could have gotten up at 3am to go to Wal-Mart.

Fun times had by all!

In our house, Thanksgiving marks the official start of Nog Season.
The influence of Bean extended to Scrabble matches.

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