Winter Solstice Road Trip

Mike at the Home Office, Death Valley.

Before heading to Alaska for New Years to ski, freeze in the dark with friends, and hopefully ski some more, we headed for our go-to winter destinations: lower-elevation sites in the Mojave/Sonoran Deserts: specifically, Death Valley, Kelso Dunes, Joshua Tree National Park, and Indio to get sun and maybe even get to wear shorts.

Desert holly, all dressed up for Christmas.

Between Sprinter-based reading, coding, and writing (gotta work sometime), we found time for exploring too. Merry Christmas to All!

Start of a run through the Ibex Hills at the southern end of Death Valley.
Open ground and firm sand and gravel -- who needs a trail?
Heading past the little-visited Ibex Dunes.
Low winter light makes the Ibex Dunes glow.
Mining relics, Ruby Lee Mill. Pinto Basin, Joshua Tree National Park.
Porcupine Wash opens onto the vast Pinto Basin at the southern end of JTNP.

3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Road Trip

    1. Hi everyone — I can’t take credit for the snowflakes — it’s a WordPress thing, an option that I simply ‘turn on.’ The snow ‘shuts off’ on 4 January — far too early, in my humble opinion … but glad you like it!

  1. Great pictures, as usual. Was that “snow” I saw drifting across in the pictures??? How do you do that? Nice that you got to jog in shorts, too.

    Merry Christmas to all from Rhode Island where the temperature right now is 52 degrees!!

    Mom and Dad

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