The Un-Desert

Three guesses as to where this came from?

A couple of weeks ago we decided we could leave the desert and the Sierra to fend for themselves for a few days, and drove several hours north and west to the North Coast of California. We drove through Arcata, on the foggy shores of Humboldt Bay; and headed north for Redwoods State and National Parks.

Cool, damp and misty weather was quite enjoyable after the constant sunny-hot-and-dry of Reno. Also enjoyable were good local beers sampled at the Six Rivers Brewery, “The Brew with a View,” in McKinleyville, and some unbelievably large trees! And slugs. Lots o’ slugs.

Soft and fern-y forest floor, Skunk Cabbage Trail (don’t step on a banana slug!)
Just like Lewis & Clark: reaching the Pacific Coast on the Skunk Cabbage Trail, Elk Prairie / Redwoods State Park.
Fifty cent driftwood.
Coastal prairie, slowly being overtaken by conifers. This was beautiful grassland and wildflowers, with snowy plovers and Roosevelt elk.
Killer-view campsite on a quiet road near the mouth of the mighty Klamath River. We saw whales out there, and a bobcat strolled by our camp at dusk. Banana slugs surrounded The Sprinter as we enjoyed Sangiovese and pasta with red sauce and olives.
Banana slugs are the new ambassadors for the National Park Service. Redwood Creek Trail, Redwoods NP.
An eight-mile run along the creekside trail brought us to the Tall Trees Grove. They weren’t kidding. Bonus: the sun came out as we entered the grove!
I’m feeling rather small here.
Up, up, up!

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