Hot Air and Tallac the Mighty


This weekend is the Great Reno Balloon Race, when this year leftover hot air from the conventions is sent to Nevada to inflate ~100 balloons, which then proceed to huff and whoosh their way around our airspace while trying to avoid landing on I-80 or anyone’s lawn.

It was also a fine weekend for a late-summer (early fall?) jaunt up Mt. Tallac, which looms over the south shore of Lake Tahoe.

Fillin’ ’em up for a morning patrol. [why, is that a Sprinter under the Pepsi?]
We have liftoff! About 100 balloons float over Reno, as seen from the high point on my trail run just north of town. A friend called this shot “Easter in the sky.”
Mt. Rose watches over the Cutest Balloon Ever.
Close to the summit ridge of Mt. Tallac, Iva and Tico pause at the Biggest Cairn Ever.
Pyramid Peak and the Desolation Wilderness from Mt. Tallac.
We started early and beat the crowds to the summit of Mt. Tallac! Overlooking Emerald Bay and hundreds of cars tooling around the lake at 25 mph.

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